Hawkins Hogan is a Nashville, Tennessee based law firm specializing in commercial real estate and business litigation.  The attorneys handle commercial lending and finance, real estate development, zoning, land use, title insurance, corporate law, limited liability companies. They handle commercial litigation, business litigation, and real estate litigation in the Middle Tennessee area.


It's that time of year. Results for Summer 2017 Tn. Bar Exam will be released this week. Bar Applicants sit for the Tennessee Bar Exam twice a year. Some applicants receive a notice welcoming them to the bar, and others receive show cause orders from the Board of Law Examiners most commonly after successfully passing the written bar. The reasons vary from drug and alcohol issues, acts of dishonesty, financial issues, and issues with their bar application or the written testing procedure, but the result is the same, a show cause order. The Abraham Lincoln quote sums it up best, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client."  Show the BLE good judgment, hire a competent lawyer to represent your interests. After 3 years of law school and the bar exam, it's not worth risking it alone. I have represented clients before the BLE for over ten years. I enjoy the work. It's high stakes as I personally know what is at risk, but it's very rewarding to help an applicant get over the last hurdle. Good luck with the exam results.